KASE-EO Digital Pinball - Mini-Pin


Item: KCOP474ADD


Introducing the small but mighty Mini-Pin


Dual screen digital video pinball cabinet capable of playing  100’s of tables! And although this is the cheapest digital pin around, it still boasts our brilliant analogue tilt and nudge system– nudge the cabinet and the on-screen ball reacts! We’ve also fitted it with our RGB Light pack; watch the playfield light up with every bumper and slingshot attack! The Mini-Pins ultra compact size ensures you really do have room for a pinball machine! What’s more, this compact unit packs the same computer power as its full size cousins.

21” playfield screen, 15” back screen. 10watt audio system.

· Faux coin door for realism

· Front illuminated buttons

· Analogue nudge system

· Dual purpose ‘Launch’ button

· Unique small footprint gaming machine



D600mm W330mm H600mm

D24” W13” H24”



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