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At KASE-EO we are all passionate about the Ďgaming experienceí.

This translates to superb designs and an excellent quality of workmanship.


To our knowledge, KASE-EO is the only UK arcade manufacturer that has set itself rules to abide by when designing and building each of itís products. These are:


Reduce player fatigue by designing control layouts that are comfortable and easy to use.

No compromise whatsoever on the individual components, these have to be the best items for the task required.

Build quality that actually supersedes the requirement needed for such items.

To provide fool-proof documentation and write and provide configuration software to aid the end-user.

To be as environmentally friendly as possible.

To use and support UK suppliers/businesses whenever possible.

To have the most knowledgeable, friendly and helpful customer support team.


Our cabinets are made from sturdy MDF, this provides strength and durability that supersedes most original video cabinet designs. Each panel is cut using precision routering tools, including a CNC router and accurate jigs and mouldings. The panels are assembled using screws, brackets, batons and glue to ensure extra rigidity. They are covered with a UV protected vinyl (often printed) which is coated with a highly durable scratch-resistant lamination. Protection is then maximised with industry standard T-moulding applied to each of the cabinetís edges.

KASE-EO provides a limited life-time warrantee on all cabinet builds.





In 1986, Colin Deere was selling used arcade cabinets to sea-front amusement arcades along the east coast and the south-east of England. He would often renovate the cabinets, replacing broken joysticks and buttons, from his workshop in Ipswich, Suffolk.


In 2005, Adam Bacchus was to open the UK's most comprehensive on-line MAME store, offering flat-packed arcade cabinets and 300+ cabinet accessories and parts, anything from 8-way joysticks right down to the cabinets castors. This was all achieved from his workshop in Haverhill, Suffolk.


Colin and Adam met in December 2009 when Adam had no choice other than to close his on-line business, 'Red Rocket Retro'. Colin, a semi-regular customer of the online store, discovered what was happening and contacted Adam.


Colin and Adam met in February 2010 and began chatting about the gaming industry, initially the demise in the production of new video arcade games.


The ever increasing popularity of retro game cabinets being used for MAME and JAMMA use was also discussed, and then a plan started to unfold.


Later that month the pair met again, this time armed with lists of suppliers, positive and negative comments from past customers and most importantly, ideas to overwhelm anyone that has had even the slightest interest in retro gaming.


Colinís life-long intuition of the arcade business and Adams passion and know-how of gaming-cabinets were the basis of the foundations for the UK's strongest partnership in gaming cabinet solutions, KASE-EO.


Utilising their bonds with their most reliable suppliers and using the original workforce behind Red Rocket Retro, KASE-EO cannot fail to wake the 80's and 90's kid in everyone that ever became truly engrossed in a game of Gauntlet. Or After Burner. Or even right back to the days of Pac-Man.


As third party redemption machine manufacturers, KASE-EO developed into a well known and respected business supplying many arcades, public houses and cinemas with the right machine at the right price.


More recently, the popularity of video pinball machines in the US caught the pairís attention, and in 2012 they started manufacturing such machines, much to the delight to all British gamers. Finally the home arcade was complete.


Player 1, press Start on your retro-gaming memories with KASE-EO.

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