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“What pinball tables (software) are available for KASE-EO tables ?”

There are 100’s of tables available for download/install on our cabinets. If you require information regarding this, please contact us.


“How long do I have to wait until my cabinet arrives ?”

Currently, our team is committed to ensuring your new cabinet arrives within a three-week time frame, starting from the date you place your order.


“Do you sell parts ?”

As of March 2017, we have ceased sale of any parts. This is due to time constraints.


“Can I have any design I want for the cabinet artwork ?”

Yes. Although we have to consider possible copyright infringements.


“The website states I can have a PC fitted - what’s the specs ?”

Due to continual improvements, we can’t state the exact components in each PC. Our pinball machines currently use Dual Core processor, 8GB RAM and 2GB graphics cards (upgrades are available on request).


“Can I use my KASE-EO cabinet for personal profit/commercial purposes ?”

Our current products listed in this section are designed for the private home user. You may not use any cabinet for profit/commercial use without the express permission of the software developers. KASE-EO do not own the copyright on emulators or ROM’s required for many of our products. We are looking into gaining permission for commercial users, so check back soon and/or contact us if this is something that interests you.


“Does KASE-EO offer bespoke built cabinets ?”

Yes. In fact that’s why we’re so commonly known by home-users. We are always happy to help make your dream cabinet. Extra charges apply.


“Do I have to wait to have my cabinet delivered, or can I pick it up ?”

Currently, we do not have the staff available to deal with members of the public on-site. We already include a packing and delivery service within the price of every cabinet we sell. The price you see is the price you pay.


“Do you have a showroom where I can come and view your cabinets ?”

Unfortunately, no. At this present time, we are unable to allow the public onsite. And even if we were, it wouldn’t be possible to view finished cabinets as once they are finished and tested they are immediately packed, shrink-wrapped and dispatched. This is partly because we are short on space and partly because we’re so efficient. :)


“How will I receive my new cabinet ?”

If you use our economy service: your new cabinet will arrive on a pallet. Sufficient packing materials should ensure it’s safe arrival, and it will be shrink-wrapped securely to ensure it’s safety during transit. Please inspect the overall condition of the palletised cabinet before signing for it.

If you use our on site set-up service: we will personally deliver, unwrap and set up your cabinet in the room of your choice. We will answer any questions you may have and show you exactly how to use the product.

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