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If you want to run a genuine DMD (Dot Matrix Display) on your virtual pinball cabinet, look no further.

Full colour DMD that supports Future Pinball, Visual Pinball, PinballFX2 and Pinball Arcade. (Applicable mods may be required).




Ordering a cabinet with only a launch button? Why not swap it for a genuine plunger?

Getting skill shots has never been easier thanks to our analogue plunger setup. Simply move the on-screen plunger as little or as much as you want. Also, with our plunger add-on, no separate ‘Launch’ button is required. On launch-only tables, all you have to do is push the plunger inwards to see your ball fly.


BAM 3D(Better Arcade Mode) ADD-ON MODULE


Our BAM 3D add-on Module can be built into the existing top-box for ultra realism with your Future Pinball tables. Words alone can’t explain this feature, so please view the video.

Incorporating a modified Kinect camera and a route-through hole (top and bottom) for existing cables.


*PLEASE NOTE the price displayed includes an upgraded graphics card (recommended


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