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KASE-EOs on site set-up service delivers it all;


Why compromise the safety and condition of your new prized cabinet?


Why risk damaging it yourself?


Why spend time and energy wading through a manual and deciphering the instructions?


Our set-up service delivers your cabinet right into the room you want it in.


Our set-up service includes unpacking the cabinet, attaching any required parts (i.e; legs on a pinball machine), and everything gets a thorough check and test.



KASE-EO On Site Set-Up ServiceKASE-EO On-site Set-up Service costs per mile

Our set-up service shows you exactly how to use your new cabinet and answers any questions you may have.


We charge just 50 + 0.75 per mile from our workshop (CB9) all inclusive.


Our table shown here should give you a good idea of the total price we charge for our On-site Set-up Service.

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