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At KASE-EO we offer a modification and repair service, not only on KASE-EO products, but any products made by any of the leading arcade machine manufacturers.


Depending on the modification and/or repair required, we may be able to undertake the work at your place of residence/work place, otherwise, the machine will have to come to our workshop. If we need to come to your machine, either for on-site maintenance or for pick-up, an additional mileage payment will be required (we currently charge 0.75 per mile).


Below is a simple table to show what tasks we would be happy to undertake, but please note; this is a guide only, as every job differs.

A note regarding MAME conversions; We at KASE-EO prefer only to convert standard games cabinets into MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) cabinets if; 1) the cabinet is not considered rare or valuable, and/or 2) the cabinet can be converted in such a way that it can be converted back to its original form relatively quickly and easily.




As every job is different, we cannot state prices here for any work that youd like us to carry out. Ideally, you should contact us with as much information as possible about the work you would like us to undertake.


Also see Technical Advice

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